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Adventure Under Sail for Young Carers

We provided five residential 5 day sail training voyages for young carers in 2017.

The holistic voyage experience sailing around the Scottish coast enabled young carers to develop new interests and skills, lasting friendships, and lead their own life outwith their caring responsibilities.

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Big Days Out!

We provided Big Days Out (full days of respite) for Young Carers aged 5-21 so they could have a break from their caring responsibilities.

These trips were chosen by the young people and were activities that they would not normally be able to access due to transport, supervision or cost.

Project covers these Local Authorities:

We organised a series of residential weekend short breaks for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers and 4 day trips for Adult Carers over the course of the year in order to improve their health and wellbeing by accessing new respite opportunities.

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Our Supper Club provided carer and the person they care for who has an Acquired Brain Injury to go out in the evening to a social event. To enjoy each other’s company and meet other carers with similar challenges in a relaxed, fun and supported environment. It enabled carer and cared for to make friends, build shared memories and experiences.

Frequently after an Acquired Brain Injury personalities can dramatically change and for carers it is like learning to live with a totally different person than before the accident. We aim to improve quality of life for carers and those they care for and to enable them to feel better supported to sustain their caring role.

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Fantasy Island-5 day Trip to Scotland Highlands

We provided a creative break holiday for 17 Chinese carers and persons requiring care in the Scottish Highlands.

Due to language barriers and cultural differences, mainstream services are not meeting the needs of our clients. This break allowed them to relax and obtain peer support as well as learning more about Scottish culture and history.

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We provided grants directly to carers who are caring for person(s) living with dementia living in Scotland.

Being a national organisation we offer the same opportunity all applicants no matter their geographical location, giving them a break from their caring role.

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Yolo Sistas

We provided a weekly group for young female, Black Minority Ethnic carers living within City of Edinburgh.

The aim of the project was to access ‘hard-to-reach’ carers from Black Minority Ethnic communities and give the girls a space to share their experience both as carers and as teenage girls who often feel different from their peers and socially isolated.

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Carers Support Group

We delivered a fortnightly carers support group to provide a mechanism of support for carers of South Asian Older people to get some time out for them selves to take part in therapeutic and educational activities away from their demanding and pressurising caring roles.

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We organised a programme of short breaks (residential and day events) for carers, and those being cared for, from the Gypsy/Traveller community in rural and urban areas of Scotland.

Each break was designed to reduce isolation, promote wellbeing and improve knowledge of mainstream carer-related services.

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We provided a summer activity programme for 18 children and young people with cerebral palsy and related conditions.

The physically active and challenging programme, led by therapists, provided a variety of fun activities to promote functional postural and mobility skills through participation in sports and arts, thereby enabling the children and young people’s parents/carers to get a break and/or spend time with their siblings.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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