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We provided grants directly to carers who live in Edinburgh.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Tri Camp Team Mate Dates

Our project used rugby as a vehicle, through Team Mate Dates to equip young people with additional support need with key life skills and helped with their personal development and giving them confidence to meet new people.

A big part of Team Mate Dates is the fact that the young people play rugby, train regularly and socialise with a diverse group of people, which contributes to reducing inequalities within the team and the wider community.

The project promoted integration, social connectedness and activity opportunities that will support future career development and workability by bringing together the different teams that Trust Rugby International have established to date in the West and East of Scotland, Ayrshire Clan, Edinburgh Clan, Glasgow Clan and young people at the transition age (16-20 year old) in Additional Support Needs Schools. They became integrated within a mainstream sport and social activity with the potential of future employment.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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No Limits Holiday 2017

We took a group of carers and the people they care for on a week long activity break to Calvert Trust Kielder Northumbria.

No Limits are a multi- sportsclub for children and young people in the East Central Scotland area and we specialise in providing sporting and social opportunities. we also organise weekend activity breaks and week long activity holidays.

On a weekly basis we offer a Saturday morning sports session in Linlithgow , on a Friday evening a boccia Club at Bathgate , on a Sunday afternoon a fitness session at a gymnasium near Livingston, on Thursday mornings an archery session at Blackburn. We also organise 4 ten Pin Bowling competitions at deer Park Livingston.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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We provided a 1 week activity break for 11-14 year olds and two residential weekends for 15-18 year olds who are blind or partially sighted help promote their independence and allow respite for carers.

We also provided a family residential weekend in Dumfries & Galloway offering peers support and a break for the normal routine.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Special Breaks CCLASP Families

We provided three short holidays for families with children suffering from cancer and leukaemia. Fifteen families enjoyed a trip to Craig Tara in Ayr, while a further 12 enjoyed a break to Aviemore at their request. One recently bereaved family visited London.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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The Yard Youth Clubs

We provided youth clubs for disabled young people aged 12-18. The weekly clubs each ran for 2.5 hours every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

They had the dual benefit of providing a much needed social and development opportunity for the young people attending whilst giving their family a much needed break and time to themselves.

Project covers these Local Authorities:

Outward Mobility is a short break service provided by Upward Mobility, offering support through workshops and residential trips as well as a wide range of activities for young people with disabilities.

It aims to increase independence, create opportunities, enhance social skills and provide new experiences for the young people we work with.
Outward Mobility also aims to develop relationships between carers and those they care for. Parents and carers benefit from getting a break from their care-giving role and have a chance to re-charge their batteries. Attendees are able to come home with great stories of their trip that they can share at home.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Beeslack All Stars DSC

We provided 2 two hour sessions of various sports per week for children and young adults with additional support needs and their siblings.

Giving respite to family units, support to siblings and also provide “Parent Natter Nite” to share support and bring in outside agencies to support when required.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Flexible Family Respite

We provided a flexible service, delivered in the family home and local community across Edinburgh, matching children with multiple support needs with a worker who encouraged and supported them to access/participate in activities.

This allowed the family some regular respite, each session duration was between 2 and 6 hours, tailored to meet each family’s needs and for a maximum of 80 hours.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Social & Emotional Support for Deaf Children, Young People & their Families

We worked with St Roch’s After School Club to provide a wide variety of fun & stimulating activities and opportunities for our deaf young people, from all over the West of Scotland and beyond.

They met and mixed with an age appropriate peer group while their carers enjoyed a break from their caring roles. This helped alleviate the isolation and loneliness they experience in a hearing world, builds confidence & self esteem, fosters life long friendships and helps our young people to see their deafness in a more positive light.

West Scotland Deaf Children’s Society provides social and emotional support to deaf children, young people and their families. For many of our families the clubs provide the only social activity and meaningful peer interaction that the children and young people have, and the only break their carers are able to actually relax and benefit from.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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