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We held a very successful summer club over 10 days in July 2016 which benefited carers of members of Ashcraig Former Pupils Club, an organisation which provides a safe social environment for young adults with physical/visual disabilities.

Members took part in a variety of activities such as art projects, sport and relaxation techniques.

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We provided grants directly to carers who care for an adult with serious mental health problems or mental illness, living in Scotland.

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Young Adults Creative Breaks (Aged 21-35 Years)

We provided four breaks at various locations throughout the UK for our young people affected by disabilities, so that they could pursue their interests and have fun together with a group of their friends and peers.

They were supported by our staff giving their carers some well-needed respite. The breaks were for 5 days and 4 nights away.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Corseford School Summer Club 2016

We provided a 2 week Summer Club, including transport and intensive staffing, for 14 children with complex support needs.

One tailored week for older and one for younger pupils. An activity and play based club for children unable to access community run schemes due to their high level care needs.

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Indepen-dance provided a 6 day creative dance residency for our Adult Performance Company who have learning disabilities.

It was hosted in the Zinc Arts Centre, Essex, the UK’s first fully accessible and residential arts centre complete with theatre space. Enabling their parents/carers to have a break.

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Social & Emotional Support to Deaf Children and their Families

We provided a wide variety of fun & stimulating activities and opportunities for our deaf young people from all over the West of Scotland, to meet and mix with an age appropriate peer group while their carers enjoyed a break from their caring roles.

For many of our families the clubs provided the only social activity and meaningful peer interaction that the children and young people have, and the only break their carers are able to actually relax and benefit from.

West Scotland Deaf Children’s Society provides social and emotional support to deaf children, young people and their families this alleviates the isolation and loneliness they experience in a hearing world. Helps build their confidence, foster lifelong friendships, builds self esteem and helps them to see their deafness in a more positive light.



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RNIB Activate Project provided a combination of 2 Family Fun Days, 2 Residential Activity Breaks ‘Stepping Out’ for 11-13 years and ‘Promoting Independence’ for 14-18 years

We provided family weekend breaks to develop confidence and personal independence for blind/partially sighted children and young people while supporting parent/carers and providing a respite break for the whole family.

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NDCS Better Breaks for Deaf Young People & their Families

We provided a weekend for families with deaf children aged 2-4 years with information sessions included education & technology.  We also provided a My Future weekend for deaf young people aged 16-20 years to meet, explore options for the future, & find out about support available when moving on in education/employment.

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Whitehill Court Evening Care Service

We provide an evening care service at Whitehill Court two evenings a week for people in the community living with dementia.

Each evening, five service users access the service from 5pm till 10pm. We provide transport and meals either in Whitehill Court or out in the local or extended community. Service users have the opportunity to access activities outwith their homes enabling them to interact with other people in their community.

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MND Scotland Time to Live Grants

We provided grants directly to carers who look after someone with Motor Neurone Disease.

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"Thoroughly enjoyed the total relaxation and the time spent away from home. Did me a power of good - I am now a Pampered person! - Thank you"

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