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Glasgow Disabled Scouts Network Scout Summer Camp

We believe everyone is entitled to adventure! Through this project we were able to support 20 young adults with disabilities to attend a week long adventure camp near Stirling.

We provided one to one support through a team of 30 volunteers which allowed the young adults to participate in a wide range of activities as well as having time to socialise with their friends.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Corseford School Summer Club 2017

We provided a 2 week Summer Club, including transport and intensive staffing, for 14 children with complex support needs. One tailored week for older and one for younger pupils.

An activity and play based club for children unable to access community run schemes due to their high level care needs.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Summer Respite Holiday

SAMs Charity delivered a Summer Respite Holiday to improve the wellbeing and reduce the isolation of children and young people 3-18 years with disabilities and/or multiple additional support needs and their parents/carers.

Through receiving respite each day, parents/carers are better now able to continue coping with/carrying out their caring responsibilities.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Over The Wall Scotland Family Camp 2017

We ran a weekend camp for families affected by serious illness in children at Tulliallan Police College, Fife from 12th to 14th May 2017.

The camp was attended by 15 families, comprising 61 individual campers. Families took part in fun, challenging activities whilst at camp, but also enjoyed time out to relax, away from the pressures of everyday life.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Tri Camp Team Mate Dates

Our project used rugby as a vehicle, through Team Mate Dates to equip young people with additional support need with key life skills and helped with their personal development and giving them confidence to meet new people.

A big part of Team Mate Dates is the fact that the young people play rugby, train regularly and socialise with a diverse group of people, which contributes to reducing inequalities within the team and the wider community.

The project promoted integration, social connectedness and activity opportunities that will support future career development and workability by bringing together the different teams that Trust Rugby International have established to date in the West and East of Scotland, Ayrshire Clan, Edinburgh Clan, Glasgow Clan and young people at the transition age (16-20 year old) in Additional Support Needs Schools. They became integrated within a mainstream sport and social activity with the potential of future employment.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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DASH Club Holiday Breaks

We provided after school activities to young people with complex support needs. In the spring and summer breaks we ran holiday programmes so that the young people can have fun with their friends, whilst their carers have time to spend on themselves and other family members.

Project covers these Local Authorities:

We provided music sessions to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. Each child attended for five consecutive days for 45 minutes to one hour while parents/guardians had time to themselves.

At the end of each week the children took part in a sharing session to which families and friends were invited.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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We provided a 1 week activity break for 11-14 year olds and two residential weekends for 15-18 year olds who are blind or partially sighted help promote their independence and allow respite for carers.

We also provided a family residential weekend in Dumfries & Galloway offering peers support and a break for the normal routine.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Cafe Holiday Clubs

The Cafe Holiday Clubs operated over the 9 weeks school holidays for 5-days per week,  2-weeks Spring, 6-weeks Summer and 1-week October.

We offered disabled children and young people FUN, exciting and challenging activities, supporting and extending their development through play, crafts, dance, drama and sport.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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We provided after school club care to children with a disability living in Glasgow city.

Project covers these Local Authorities: