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The One Step Project provided support for young people with epilepsy in and around Edinburgh in the form of 1:1 meetings, groups, outings and residential trips. The support to the young person provided respite for parents and carers, many people with epilepsy are heavily reliant on carers and family.


Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Social & Emotional Support to Deaf Children and their Families

We provided a wide variety of fun & stimulating activities and opportunities for our deaf young people from all over the West of Scotland, to meet and mix with an age appropriate peer group while their carers enjoyed a break from their caring roles.

For many of our families the clubs provided the only social activity and meaningful peer interaction that the children and young people have, and the only break their carers are able to actually relax and benefit from.

West Scotland Deaf Children’s Society provides social and emotional support to deaf children, young people and their families this alleviates the isolation and loneliness they experience in a hearing world. Helps build their confidence, foster lifelong friendships, builds self esteem and helps them to see their deafness in a more positive light.



Project covers these Local Authorities:
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We supported young people with a learning disability to access the local community e.g. snacks out, walking, swimming, museums, libraries, and cinema.

Project covers these Local Authorities:

RNIB Activate Project provided a combination of 2 Family Fun Days, 2 Residential Activity Breaks ‘Stepping Out’ for 11-13 years and ‘Promoting Independence’ for 14-18 years

We provided family weekend breaks to develop confidence and personal independence for blind/partially sighted children and young people while supporting parent/carers and providing a respite break for the whole family.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Outward Mobility - Pathfinding Phase

Outward Mobility is a short trips project that offers breaks for adults with learning disabilities. Part of the aim of the project is to provide respite for the young people as well as their family and carers.

Upward Mobiliy strive to offer new opportunities, increase independence and new experiences during our trips.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Basecamp 2

Basecamp 2 builds on our popular model, offering children and young people an innovative new pathway to success. The project prepares children and young people for transitions to take part in new activities and gain valuable life skills.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Fabb-i do Weekends

We provided exciting, challenging themed weekends for disabled people aged 21-30 years, who have a range of complex needs.

Fabb-i do weekends are active and fun, while enabling carers and families to get what they have called a “real break”.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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MND Scotland Time to Live Grants

We provided grants directly to carers who look after someone with Motor Neurone Disease.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Our project enabled 5 Scottish adults who have OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta), to attend our Family Weekend Conference with their family carers and children if any.

The event was held in Manchester the weekend of 11th Sep 2015.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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We provided grants directly to carers who care for an adult who have serious mental health problems and mental illness.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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"The services are great for me it makes me feel better in myself and gives me something to look forward to every week. I couldn't do without it I would be a prisoner in my own home."

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