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Time to Live for Mental Health Carers

We provided grants directly to carers who care for an adult with serious mental health problems or mental illness living in Scotland.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Dementia Adventure Moray

We provided short breaks for Carers and people with Dementia living in Moray, re-engaging people with their environment. There were a mix of day and residential breaks delivered in partnership with Dementia Adventure and Newbold House Trust in Forres, involving different local providers.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Carer Support Project

We provided opportunities for Mental Health Carers including those from hardly reached communities to participate in ” Me Time” health and well being sessions, learning activities and social outings.

Sessions included pampering, self-management, crafts,computing, cooking and dancing focusing on fun time out from caring.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Y Sort It Young Carers Camps Away & Day Trips

We provided respite for Young Carers who received a short break away from their caring role and responsibilities at home, by hosting Mini Young Carer Camps that included an overnight stay and/or day trips.

The Young Carer Mini Camps/day trips were targeted at the hardest to reach and most vulnerable Young Carers that Y Sort It engages with via our Young Carers 1-2-1 service both existing and new referrals.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Sit for a Moment

We launched a series of 3 x 8 week 1.5 hour Mindfulness sessions for up to 10 carers, helping them to live in the moment and reduce stress.

We also introduced a social afternoon for Carers and they care for to drop in for ‘Tea and a Blether’. This has been a successful activity as people have used the centre to meet up with others for peer support and company.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Family Weekend

We provided individuals who are affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta living in Scotland the opportunity to attend our Family Conference, by covering the travel and accommodation costs for them and their families/carers. The event was held in Reading in August 2016.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Growing Together-Community Gardening for Carers of Adults with Autism

We organised a social gardening group for carers of adults aged 16+ with Autism. The aim was to enable communication with others in a similar situation.

The increased communication would, hopefully reduce loneliness and social isolation and also increase confidence and development skills to help the young people feel empowered.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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SNAP Breaks

We provided 5 x 48 hour breaks and 20 Out & About Saturday Breaks for 28 young people who have a learning disability and additional support needs such as a physical, sensory or behavioural impairment.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
Short Breaks for people with Dementia & their Carers

We provided grants directly to carers who care for people living with dementia to plan and pay for a short break of their choice.

Project covers these Local Authorities:
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Renfrewshire Young Carers Project

We ran a music and asthma management project in Renfrewshire for Young Carers using wind instruments as a tool for asthma self management. The project is focussed on making learning about asthma self-management through playing a wind instrument fun.

Project covers these Local Authorities:

"The relaxation session at the end of the presentations was really good and gave me some good techniques to reduce stress at home."

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